Timberlane project work ongoing


By John Tredrea
   Work is proceeding satisfactorily on the major expansion of Timberlane Middle School.
   The school board received a monthly update Jan. 17 from Chris Leyenberger of Centerline Associates, the firm that is overseeing work approved by local voters in a 2004 referendum.
   In addition to the Timberlane addition, the referendum work included renovations at Toll Gate Grammar and Hopewell and Bear Tavern elementary schools. All that work is nearly complete, Mr. Leyenberger told the board.
   At Timberlane, a construction fence has been installed and student movement to and from athletic fields, located west of the school building, is being protected from construction work.
   Mr. Leyenberger said the building pads for the Timberlane addition were being readied for installation of foundations and footings and that storm sewer installation was about to begin. Excavation work is under way on a detention basin that is to be enlarged, he added.