Popular Princeton ice cream parlor closed for renovations

By: Marjorie Censer
   Thomas Sweet, the ice cream shop on Nassau Street, is temporarily closed as it is being outfitted with a new floor. Manager Ellen Abernathy said the store is slated to reopen March 17.
   Installing a new floor is taking longer than originally expected, she explained, because the plumbing and electrical wires underneath the wooden floor in the rear of the shop need to be repositioned. Virtually everything behind the ice cream counter, including freezers and ice cream machines, had to be removed.
   The changes evident to customers will be less dramatic, Ms. Abernathy said, but there will be a new checkerboard floor and a new color scheme. The replacement floor behind the counter will be "phenomenal" for employees, Ms. Abernathy said, as it will allow easier cleaning.
   "It’ll be much easier to work in," she said.
   Ms. Abernathy said the renovations have been planned for a long time, but employees always envisioned closing shop in January. However, the timing may have worked out.
   "It’s colder now than it was January," Ms. Abernathy said.
   A grand re-opening is slated for later in April, but Ms. Abernathy said the first priority will be opening in March and welcoming the spring season.
   "Typically, April and May are very busy months for us," she added.