Center’s director makes plea for residents to donate blood

In recent years, New Jersey has had to “import” more than 50,000 units of whole blood annually because our population does not donate enough blood to cover the needs of New Jersey hospitals.

Our state faces an immediate shortage for select blood types, and this will likely be the case for the coming winter as inclement weather – snowstorms – could force the cancellation of scheduled blood drives.

In working to recruit current blood donors to donate more, we need to build a new generation of blood donors, for the ultimate goal of all New Jersey-based blood services is to create a self-sufficient and self-sustaining blood supply for New Jersey.

Readers can donate through New Jersey Blood Services (NJBS). Interested readers and donors can call (800) 933-2566 or go on-line at www.nybloodcenter.org to locate blood drives convenient to their homes and workplaces.

Donors must be 17 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in good health. Healthy donors can actually donate whole blood every 56 days, while residents age 76 and older can donate if they have a physician’s permission.

Since 1973, NJBS has been running blood drives in New Jersey. Blood is our only business. To supply blood products to the hospitals we serve, NJBS runs blood drives seven days a week. We also seek companies and organizations that want to hold blood drives in support of their community’s health. Inter-ested parties can call (732) 220-7184 or (732) 220-7096. Help address our state’s blood supply shortage – donate today.

Maggie O’Shea

executive director

New Jersey Blood Services

New Brunswick