Candidates Forum, March 28


Christine Ross
Montgomery Board of Education

I am running for the Montgomery Township Board of Education and am asking friends and neighbors for your support.
   I moved to Montgomery Township two years ago based on the excellent reputation of our school district. I am incredibly pleased with the quality of the teachers, the achievements of our students and the variety of opportunities our schools offer them. Montgomery has received academic and co-curricular accolades of many types — high scores on state and national achievement tests, and outstanding performances by our various clubs and athletic teams.
   Yet I believe we have important issues facing our school district and I believe that I can be a productive and positive member of a team that addresses these issues.
   Montgomery is a community that has a reputation for valuing high-quality education. We have committed parents, exceptional students and talented teachers. We have consistently ranked among the best on a variety of performance indicators and we have accomplished this at a cost per student that is well below the state average. But we are now at a crossroads. We need to hire a new, top-notch superintendent who will maintain and enhance Montgomery’s schools. We need to pass a responsible school budget that provides for high-quality education at the best value for the taxpayer. We need a school board with a diversity of opinions and expertise, yet one that understands the importance of working together to reach a consensus on the important issues facing our district.
   I am committed to meeting these challenges and have the qualifications and experience to do so. I have a Ph.D. in economics and have worked at Mathematica Policy Research for 16 years. At Mathematica, I have conducted research on early childhood education, and know how excellence in education makes a difference for children, families and their communities. Before moving to Montgomery, I was an elected member of the PTA in Toronto, Ontario.
   Since moving to Montgomery and becoming involved in a variety of activities, I have met a number of individuals and families who share my vision for quality education. Two of them also are running for school board — Mark Conforti and Lisarenee Benz. You will hear from them in the coming weeks, but I hope you will support all three of us. Individually, we each bring unique expertise and ideas to the board. Together, as elected board members, we will express our opinions, understand alternative viewpoints and concerns and reach the best solutions for our children and township.
   I hope you will support all of us on April 18 and that you will support the school budget. Please contact me with your questions, ideas or concerns.