Howell principal asks for support for ‘bomb scare’ legislation

Now is the time to show your support for the much needed “bomb scare” legislation proposed by state Assemblywoman Amy Handlin. As the principal of a large middle school in Howell, I have experienced firsthand the disruption and anxiety that are the result of these inane pranks. Mandatory sentencing of those convicted to community service, confinement at the youth detention facility, and financial restitution are long overdue and needed to reinforce the severity of these appalling crimes.

During the current school year, Howell Middle School South has endured six bomb threats. Each time, the building was evacuated for more than two hours while the building was searched by explosives detecting dogs. Students, school staff and parents were not only inconvenienced, but left with a feeling of anxiety over the insecurity of their safety.

At a time when accountability for student achievement and No Child Left Behind have made headline news, valuable instructional time has been lost that may adversely impact upon student learning.

Bomb threats appear to be the byproduct of a post-Colum-bine, post-9/11 society. If we hope to rid our schools of this newfound plague, staunch, consistently rendered consequences are needed. Amy Handlin’s proposed legislation would send a clear message that this behavior will not be tolerated. Please voice your support for this legislation to your local representatives.

Thomas Feaster


Howell Middle School South