Jackson school tax situation is frustrating

Wow! What a relief! Who would have guessed it? The Jackson Township Committee shaved 2 cents off the school budget hike. What a joke.

Just think if you worked for a large corporation and were earning $100,000 per year. At the start of the next year you ask for a $10,000 raise. Your boss says no. So that means you get an $8,000 raise, right? No way; you learn to live on your $100,000 and cut back wherever you have to.

But not in Jackson. If you want a budget increase of $8 million, then just ask for $10 million and you got it. It makes me nauseous every time I hear that phrase, “It’s for the children.”

I am sure it’s not for the superintendent, or the administrators or the principals or the custodians or the teachers. No way it’s not for outlandish pensions and “golden parachutes” and supplies that are never used properly.

And who do they bring in to go over the budget? Another fancy school administrator, and at what price? And of course he is not in favor of the budget. He is part of the system. Why not bring in an unbiased accounting organization that is school system oriented? Keep it up and soon all the taxpayers in this township will be gone and the mayor and Township Committee and Board of Education members can pay it all themselves.

Bernard Wohlstetter