Resident irked budget vote can be overturned

Why are the citizens of Monmouth County in general and of Freehold Borough in particular given the right to vote on school budgets when a state appointed bureaucrat can simply nullify the vote?

It’s outrageous that the 2006-07 budget for Freehold Borough which was rejected by a nearly 2-1 margin was reinstated in its entirety by the county school superintendent, Eugenia Lawson.

The problems obviously go way beyond this particular budget as unrealistic state mandates, schools overcrowded with children of illegal aliens and an uncompromising teachers union have made the taxpayers of Freehold Borough virtual hosta-ges.

Officials constantly bemoan the meager turnout in local and school board elections. After the nullification of the expressed wishes of the voters in this instance, I’d be shocked if anyone will ever take voting on a budget seriously again.

Dr. David Giffler

Freehold Borough