Crader leaves district with fond memories


Staff Writer

MarlboroMarlboro MARLBORO – Although Principal Tami Crader bids farewell to Asher Holmes Elementary School, she said Marlboro schools will always be her home.

Crader will be resigning in October from her position as principal to become assistant superintendent of schools in Reddington Township, Hunterdon County.

The former elementary school teacher came to the district in 1999 as vice principal of Asher Holmes. Six years ago, she was promoted to principal of the elementary school.

Crader said that as a teacher in the Howell School District for 10 years, she felt passionate about influencing the lives of children.

During her tenure as principal, Crader said, she was able to expand that impact to include classroom instruction, and an assistant superintendent she will have the opportunity to continue her work on a district level.

The Reddington school district has a new administration team, which Crader said will give her the opportunity to build and implement sound instructional practices.

The superintendent in Reddington is extremely well respected and very knowledgeable, especially in the areas of curriculum and instruction, Crader said.

Looking back on her years in Marlboro, Crader said there are many memorable moments she will cherish. She said the experience has been extremely rewarding for her, and she has created strong bonds with the staff at Asher Holmes Elementary School.

“The principal group here is amazingly cohesive,” Crader said. “They have become a very professional, collaborative and bright group. I’m sad to leave them.”

Crader said she is most proud of the improved quality of classroom instruction at Asher Holmes over the years. The teachers work extremely well together, and they have become leaders, she said.

“The teachers initiate instructional ideas and innovative strategies for meeting the needs of the children, and that makes me proud,” the principal added.

Crader said she also enjoyed interacting and getting to know the families in Marlboro.

Although she is excited about the opportunity in Reddington, she said resigning was a very difficult decision to make.

“Marlboro is a wonderful school district,” she said.