Reader lauds request for new committee

This is in response to the letter regarding the human relations commission request for continued monitoring of police. Actually, I was unaware that such a commission existed.

I totally agree with this because I personally have experienced incidents that have depicted this racial behavior of police. You could live here as long as you want, you could have been born here, but apparently the color of your skin or your slight accent puts you at a disadvantage and makes you a target.

I had an accident when I was going straight and the person who caused the accident was making a left turn, and I was the one who was blamed for the accident. However, we were fortunate that after we complained, the accident scene was revisited by a very diligent police officer in Manalapan who quickly checked the facts and fixed the error.

However, recently my wife was unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident in Marlboro. She had a witness who along with her children saw her standing at the red light, and when it turned green, she had started but someone was beating the red light so they hit her. In spite of my letter to the police department, they have still not contacted the witness. My wife’s statement was never taken because she was taken to the hospital and I sent it later.

I firmly believe that this commission is absolutely essential to make sure that every citizen is treated fairly, regardless of color.

Gur Chahil