Former mayor off-base in accusations

I was appalled to see the actions of George Spodak at the Sept. 27 Manalapan Township Committee meeting. He wasted the public’s time by venomously attacking two members of the Township Committee for not being property owners. It was sad to see his rantings continue for such a length of time. It was with disbelief that I listened to a fellow resident who told me that “King George,” as he liked to be called, used to be a mayor in town.

If Mr. Spodak had spent the same amount of time on the Round 1 COAH obligation when he was a mayor as it took for him to do his “research,” perhaps we wouldn’t have had the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on fighting the builder’s remedy lawsuits and the consequent thousands of additional houses after the settlement. I think we all owe Mr. Spodak a thank you for wasting our taxpayer dollars, all while giving us unneeded traffic, congestion and overdevelopment.

If Mr. Spodak had even listened to the two Township Committee members that he was leveling accusations at, he would have found out that his “research” was false.

One of the two members actually owns property in Manalapan and the other did own property and is temporarily renting while they search for a new house for their family.

I am embarrassed that in this day and age, people like “King George” show their medieval sophistication and feel they are superior because they are landowners while others are not. How about the citizens who rent homes in Manalapan? With “King George’s” rationale they shouldn’t be permitted to vote either?

Butch Budai