Bush’s war

is an uncivil one
To the editor:
Lately, as if it matters, a big deal is being made about what to call what is happening in Iraq. Whatever it is really is irrelevant but tell that to the spinners.
   For example, the Bushites cannot bring themselves to call it a "civil war." they seem to favor the euphemistic "sectarian insurgency." Jon Stewart’s Daily Show came up with "faith-based melee" and "internal sovereignty challenge."
   Why has this received so much news and airtime? Is everything else less important? Or is it another mechanism to divert the thoughts of the populace from more serious matters like the deaths and injuries to our young men and women and the fortunes thrown away by us on a daily basis for an unwinnable cause?
   To serttle this matter once and for all, I want to suggest the definitive definition and stop all this nonsense and waste of time. Obviously, it should be called "an uncivil war."
Irving Bersak

To the editor:
On behalf of the many grateful recipients of food from the Deacons’ Food Cupboard, the Board of Deacons of the Presbyterian Church of Jamesburg with to acknowledge the generosity of the community.
   Through your donations, we were able to serve more than 800 families (approximately 3,200 individuals) in 2006.
   We sincerely thank each individual and organization that donated food, money and time this year.
   We wish each of you a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
April Fordham, Joan Dey, Karen Shallcross , JoAnn Rasmussen, Dale Borsuk, Jean Esch, Katherine Raynor, Dolores Wigodinski, Jaime Bossany, Susan Schneider-Baker, Janet Herkert, Bea Davi son, Holly Faas, Theresa Koenig
Board of Deacons
Presbyterian Church
of Jamesburg