Wiggles World to open at Six Flags Great Adventure

JACKSON — Six Flags Great Adventure, Route 537, announces a newly themed area, “Wiggles World,” the park’s fourth area devoted to children offering new pint-sized adventures designed just for them. Just next door at Six Flags Wild Safari, guests will take a one-of-a-kind journey in the all-new Wild Safari Exploration Station, featuring hands-on safari interactive adventures. Both new areas are set to open early next season.

“Today’s announcement represents Six Flags Great Adventure’s continued focus on family entertainment,” said Mark Kane, Six Flags Great Adventure’s vice president and general manager. “In addition to our world-class coaster collection and unparalleled lineup of thrill rides, the park now features four distinct areas devoted to families with young children, offering entertainment and thrills for all ages.”

According to a press release, since 1991 the Wiggles have performed to more than 1 million audience members a year. To date, they have sold more than 22 million DVDs and videos and more than 5 million albums worldwide, and the Wiggles’ successful television show has been broadcast on Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney since 2002.

“Wiggles World” will feature specially themed rides and attractions including The Big Red Car ride, The Big Red Plane ride, Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Racing to the Rainbow balloon ride, Bouncin’ with Wags ride and the SS Feathersword Pirate Ship. The area will also include retail locations selling Wiggles merchandise and a restaurant, the Yummy Yummy Cafe.

“Wiggles World” will be populated by the Wiggles’ cast of supporting characters: Dorothy the Dinosaur, Capt. Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus, who will pose for photos and perform in daily shows. The Wiggles themselves — Anthony, Sam, Jeff and Murray — will make an appearance and perform at the park in 2007.

Just next door, families will explore the Wild Safari Exploration Station, an all-new area featuring hands-on safari interactive adventures. After experiencing a one-of-a-kind journey through six continents of exotic animals, including visits from the likes of Rip the African elephant, Georgia the giraffe and King the lion cub, in the largest drive-thru safari outside of Africa, guests will have the opportunity to visit the new Wild Safari Exploration Station for a unique hands-on experience. Guests will enjoy educational and exciting animal shows featuring exotic birds, snakes and reptiles.

The new “Wiggles World” and Wild Safari Exploration Station are slated for a spring 2007 opening.