Piano students perform in 9th ‘monster concert’

On Jan. 14 the Cecilian Music Club, sponsored by the Steinway Piano Gallery of Paramus and its manager Gavin English, held its ninth annual monster concert at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank. A monster concert is a multiple-piano event, led by conductor and event organizer Beth Chen.

Diane Dollak was the monster concert narrator. Teachers and students from all over Monmouth County participated, and performed on 37 baby grand Steinway pianos.

The students who performed in this concert are: Karen Abruscato-Santinon, Katie Ahne, Kaitlyn Anderson, Lauren Anderson, Jenny Bacci, Katey Bacci, Joseph Basile, Jessica Blouin, John Blouin, Patrick Blouin, Sean Blouin, Gabrielle Buchbinder, Nathan Buchbinder, Sidney Buchbinder, Autumn Byrd, Danielle Cannizzaro, Katherine Chang.

And, Jon Chappell, Amy Che, Andrew Chen, David Chen, Emily Chen, Friedrich Chen, Heinrich Chen, Henry Chen, Michelle Chen, Mimi Chen, Vincent Chen, Nick Chirumbolo, Vincent Chen, Dennis Cheng, Cody Chen-Shao, Sophia Cheung, Daphne Choy, Maggie Chu, Maureen Chu, Peggy Chu, Maisy Chung, Rachel Cusack, Elizabeth Davis, Melanie Decker.

Also, Jillian DeFazio, Meredith DeFazio, Rachel Diao, Lisa DiSouza, Ryan DiSouza, Alan Du, Alexis Dull, Rebecca Durand, Fran English, Sally Fang, Kimberly Feldman, Olivia Felibrico, Christina Floristean, James Floros, Marialana Gaetano, Kevin Gilboy, Matthew Gilboy, Shirley Girard, Andrew Goldstein, Christian Grapel, Aditi Gupta, Rachel Hall, Jessica Han, Brenden Hao, Cindy Hawrylko, Justin Horbacz.

And, Charles Huang, Eileen Huang, Sarah Hulse, Joseph Innace, Mary Catherine Innace, Dylan Jalowski, Darren Jeng, Chengyin Jiang, Cathy Jin, Clifford Kaelin, Sheffield Kaelin, Michael Kellert, Subur Khan, Daniel Kim, Albert Ku, Anne Ku, Al LaFemina, Alyssa Laguerta, Adriann Lai, Ryan Lamsen, Pansy Law, Christine Lee, Christopher Lee, Courtney Lee, Michael Lee, Mick Lee, Nina Lee, Taylor Lee, Timothy Lee, Julie Leong, Diana Li, Julia Li, Marissa Li, Timothy Li, Victor Li.

Also, Martina Liu, Jason Liang, Shopia Liang, Angela Lin, Jeffrey Lin, Peggy Lin, Martina Liu, Lillian LoRusso, Nicole LoRusso, Patricia Luk, Nolan Lum, Carol Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Amrita Mazumdar, Lucas Hurley McCabe, Matthew McCarty, Katie McCoy, Katie McKeever, Lucy Miao, Ashlen Minichini, Janine Minichini, John-Michael Monroy, Matthew Monroy, Shouvik Mukhopadhyay, Wesley Nass, Rachel Ng, Rebecca Ng, Gabrielle Nguyen, Andrew Paladino, Matthew Paladino, Beth Pardes, Kayla Parr.

And, Amanda Pell, Pearl Polito, Anushka Prabhu, Michele Rizzuto, Kelsey Robinson, Jillian Rosone, Melissa Roth, Leah Rozario, Maneesha Sahni, Ethan Sandberg, Sam Sandberg, Emily Serge, Megan Shanosky, Michael Shanosky, Julie Shen, Mimi Shen, Sophie Shen, Katie Shia, Kelsey Sobieski, Amy Song, Brian Soong, Kaylee Stahl, Matthew Tam, Brian Tang, Raymond Tang, Gregory Teng, Sara Teplitsky.

Also, Melody Ting, Ariel Toy, Austin Toy, Brendon Urbano, Sarah Vicol, Ashley Waid, Andrew Wang, Michael Wang, Michelle Mimi Wang, Ingrid Waung, Isabella Waung, David Wong, Priscilla Wong, Anne Xie, Cynthia T. Xu, Adrienne Yang, Natalie Yang, Shelyn Yang, Elijah Yao, Warren Shih-Wen Yee, Jeffrey Yen, Jessica Yin, Daniel Young, Debbie Young, Norman Young, Alice Zhang, Christopher Bo Zhang, James Zhang, Caley Zheng, Casey Zheng, James Zhiang and Laura Zimmer.

Teachers who prepared students for this concert are: Beth S. Chen of Marlboro, Chiung Yin Cheng Liu of Holmdel, Lillian Livingston of Englishtown, Anthony E. Mecoli of Freehold, and Judith Meisels of Deal Park.

Teachers who prepared students and also performed in this concert are: Jennifer Bao of East Brunswick, George Borisov of Colts Neck, Helen Bungert of Howell, Sarah Chen of Edison, Phemie Y. Chien of Cranbury, Bernice Cooperman of Freehold, Jason Crompton of Howell, Barbara Lerro of Freehold, Karen Mulhall of Point Pleasant, Tang-mei Shieh of Marlboro, Marina Strakovsky of Freehold, Helen Wang of Old Bridge, Andrew Verri of Marlboro, Wendy Wu of Warren, and Alan Wasserman of Freehold.

The Cecilian Music Club is an organization of teachers, performers and music lovers dedicated to the performance and study of classical music. For more information or to become a member, contact Helen Bungert, (732) 905-1761, or h_bungie@yahoo.com.