Voters should oust those who block reforms

Six months ago I wrote a letter to the editor, which was published by some of the press. I pointed out the lack of progress on tax reform. My letter also indicated my lack of confidence in the ability of the so-called “special tax panels” to agree on a method to bring New Jersey’s run-amok taxation with representation under control. I was correct. The Legislature, one year later, is still emasculating the best interests of the New Jersey taxpayer.

New Jersey’s “Three Ring Tax Circus” has again demonstrated their lack of ability to stand up for the senior citizens. The great Corzine’s (ring master) Tax Tamers; Senate President Dick Codey and Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts can’t control their Democrats long enough to get real things done for the long-suffering taxpayers. Democrat dual-office holders from Corzine’s home county, Hudson, block efforts at ending pay-to-play and double-dipping in our pension system. Our three-ring circus leaders refuse to consider capping all spending at 4 percent. They insist upon making exceptions to allow government bodies to exempt items from the cap. A cap must be that, a cap. Ending the practice of adding pet projects to the budget without benefit of the budget process and getting the state unions out of government management would also ease the tax burden. Budget bloating has to end, now.

Once again new Jersey’s senior citizens are getting it in the neck. The $2,000 maximum rebate is limited to 20 percent off your tax bill if you earn less than $100,000 and your tax bill is $10,000. A senior who pays $6,000, the state average, or less in property taxes will still receive only $1,200. That is what they get now, $1,200.

Senior voters take note. Nov. 6 is rapidly approaching. All of the performers are up for election. Those who do not act to get our property taxes down must go. The flimflam of senior citizens goes on and on.

Robert A. Brown