Oceanport will share CFO with Eatontown

Interlocal agreement gives boro time to replace finance chief


Staff Writer

Oceanport will share a chief financial officer with neighboring Eatontown while the borough looks for a replacement for its CFO, whose contract was not renewed.

At a special meeting Jan. 8, the Oceanport Borough Council took formal action to enter into an interlocal services agreement with neighboring Eatontown to use that borough’s CFO until the position in Oceanport is filled, according to Oceanport Mayor Lucille Chaump.

“We needed a CFO,” said Chaump in an interview on Jan. 26.

“The interlocal agreement is not so much shared services, but it shows how towns can work together to help each other,” she said, adding, “We are very grateful to Eatontown for helping us.”

The borough opted not to renew the contract of Oceanport CFO Annette David after it expired Dec. 31, according to Chaump.

David had served as the borough’s CFO, a part-time position, since 2003, Chaump said.

Although Chaump did not comment further on why David was not rehired, she did say, “It is not that something happened.

“We just wanted to advertise,” Chaump said. “It is not that she did anything wrong.”

The borough advertised for the position in December, but when only two responses came in, Chaump said they wanted to advertise again.

The borough began advertising for the position again last week, according to Borough Clerk Kim Jungfer.

Oceanport will be using Eatontown CFO Lesley Connolly as interim CFO for 10 hours a week for a period of 60 to 90 days, according to Chaump.

“It actually works out, because [Connolly] used to work in Oceanport,” Chaump said. “She was the borough CFO until she left and went to Eatontown.

“That was when we hired [David],” Chaump said.

Oceanport officials had reached out to Eatontown, as well as Tinton Falls, to seek the services of an interim CFO, Chaump explained.

“[Eatontown] Mayor [Gerald] Tarantolo was able to free up some time with their CFO,” Chaump said. “Tinton Falls just did not have any free time for their CFO.”

Chaump said the salary and the amount of hours the new CFO will work are not known at this time and will be part of the negotiation process.