Writer seeks support for proposed horse law

Anyone who has ever loved a pet or admired a beautiful animal mourned the loss of Kentucky Derby champion Barbaro, who lost his valiant battle on Jan. 29.

But other horses are still suffering and they don’t have loving owners to watch over them. More than 100,000 are hauled across the country each year and cruelly slaughtered for human consumption overseas.

Over 90 percent of these horses are healthy. Some of them are unsuccessful race horses, others even once family pets. They have no one to protect them from this outrage.

Time ran out for the legislation in the Senate during 2006, following an overwhelming House vote, but support is even stronger in 2007. Please visit the Humane Society of the United States Web site at www.husu.org for more information or the make a donation in Barbaro’s name to stop the horse slaughter.

Even legends such as Ferdinand, the 1986 Kentucky Derby champion, are not immune from this grim and painful end. Ferdinand was sent to the slaughterhouse in 2002 for consumption in Japan.

Tell your legislators to support H.R. 503, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

Diane Thompson