Paper ballots show vote was counted

I am very much in favor of passage of Rep. Rush Holt’s bill, HR811, which would demand a paper record of votes.

This is a nonpartisan issue, which should be of importance to all voters. Surely, everyone wants to know their vote is counted.

I believe your article focuses too much emphasis on the cost of this, as were we to have made a better assessment of our options prior to purchase of the new electronic machines, we would have known that we needed a paper trail, and could have saved money then. In the rush to buy electronic machines, this was not considered seriously enough.

In fact, this was brought up several times to our freeholders, who chose not to purchase printers, which would go with each machine.

I urge all voters to heartily support a voter-verified paper ballot, so we can know our votes mean something.

Sandy Van Sant

Little Silver