Thanks to a moonlighting angel …

… Montgomery resident gets back her engagement ring

By: Greg Forester
   MONTGOMERY — Margie Aretz is convinced that she has a guardian angel moonlighting at the Target discount store in the Nassau Park shopping center.
   She just doesn’t know who it is.
   An unknown employee of the store found and returned Ms. Aretz’s diamond engagement ring after she had left it behind while trying some hand lotion on March 23.
   "This has been a renewal of my confidence in humanity," said Ms. Aretz. "I think it really says something about Target and how they take care of their employees."
   Ms. Aretz said she had left the store, which is on Route 1 in West Windsor, and returned home by the time she realized that she had forgotten to put the diamond ring back on her finger.
   She said that her husband insisted on returning to the store after closing to report the missing ring to anyone restocking the shelves at that hour. A Target employee let them into the store.
   Once inside, they learned that another employee had already found the ring and left it for the store manager, who had placed it in his office safe until someone could claim it.
   "I have worked in the corporate world before, and this speaks volumes about Target’s corporate culture," said Ms. Aretz.
   The manager on duty, Clint Davis, said he was pleased with his employee’s actions, but said it wasn’t out of the ordinary at his store.
   "We’ve had an employee find $400 cash on the floor, and hand it in," said Mr. Davis. "We have a lot of professional team members."
   Mr. Davis said he asked all the employees about their involvement, but no one would come forward.
   "I think I narrowed it down to two or three people, but they just don’t want the recognition," said Mr. Davis.