Make positive choices to help prevent child abuse

Spring is a time of optimism and renewal. As we observe Child Abuse Prevention Month during April, Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey encourages everyone to make positive choices that affect the way we raise our children and support our families.

Dramatic changes in social, cultural and demographic trends have occurred over the years, presenting today’s parents with many new challenges in creating the safe and stable homes children need in order to thrive.

While no one can single-handedly achieve positive community-wide change, everyone can do something. As a society, we can work together to prevent child abuse and neglect.

There are countless opportunities for you to make positive choices for community change with a commitment of as little as 30 minutes a week. As an individual, you can start making positive choices today. Choose to:

+ provide your own children a loving and stable home.

+ advocate for new mothers to receive support through parenting programs before and after their child is born.

+ encourage policy makers to make home visitation and mutual self-help parent support programs available and accessible regardless of income, socio-economic status or community.

+ join a parent support group.

+ become a mentor to a child or new parent.

Strong families benefit all citizens of New Jersey by reducing juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, physical and mental illness and other poor childhood outcomes.

Child abuse can be prevented. Please visit or call 1-800-CHILDREN to learn more. It makes sense for every reason.

Joel L. Krinsky


board of directors

Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey

New Brunswick