Guadagno’s experience a fit for sheriff’s office

U.S. Attorney Chris Christie is right. We need to identify and encourage the election of “reform-minded individuals to municipal governing bodies. From there, formidable candidates for county and statewide seats can begin to develop.”

In 2005, the borough of Monmouth Beach did just that. Kim Guadagno was elected to the Borough Commission.

She has worked hard in her term to fight wasteful spending, to ban pay-to-play and to “get more for less” by applying for and winning grant money for the taxpayers.

Now she is running for Monmouth County sheriff. As a former assistant in the office now run by Chris Christie, she was deputy chief of the corruption unit. She put corrupt public officials like the former sheriff of Essex County and the former prosecutor of Somerset County in jail for abuse of the public trust. She managed the large and complex state Division of Criminal Justice, where she personally swore in a squad of FBI agents to work jointly with the state in corruption cases. She was twice honored with the U.S. Department of Justice’s highest honor for her anti-corruption work. Kim Guadagno is precisely the type of public official we need to encourage to run for office.

As a former employee of the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as past president of the National Homeland Security Council representing federal law enforcement agents, I know that Kim understands the demands placed on law enforcement officers. She will bring her federal experience to the office of Monmouth County sheriff.

In light of the recent arrests at Fort Dix someone with Kim’s contacts in the federal law enforcement community should be a comfort to the citizens of Monmouth County. I am proud to support Kim Guadagno as the next Monmouth County sheriff. Kim has the experience Monmouth County can count on.

Michael Borg