StreetLife enlivens downtown Red Bank

RED BANK – The sidewalks of downtown Red Bank will be alive with magicians, jazz, blues, rock, folk, dance, and more on Saturday nights this summer as the StreetLife series of outdoor performances returns for the season.

For the past six years, Red Bank RiverCenter has programmed musicians and artists on the sidewalks of the downtown on Saturday nights. This year, StreetLife returns with high anticipation, more alive and more eclectic.

On any given Saturday night through Aug. 25, visitors to town may see a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, poets and musicians, musicians, musicians.

StreetLife takes place in front of various businesses throughout the downtown. Each Saturday night five acts will be performing throughout the downtown from 7 to 10 p.m. The schedule for StreetLife is:

Saturday, June 16:

Rick Dill, 35 Broad St. at River’s Edge Cafe

Don Carter Trio, 30 Monmouth St., at The Dublin House courtyard;

Patti Bramson & Bob Andrews, 65 Monmouth St., at Red Ginger Home;

Chip Robertson, 16 White St., at Sucre Pastry Boutique;

Carolyn Selheim, 90 Broad St., at Haägen-Dazs.

Saturday, June 23:

Gary Philips, 35 Broad St.

David Hollster, 69 Broad St., at Ten Thousand Villages;

Sonni Shine, 16 White St.

Andrew Holtz – 65 Monmouth St.

Red Bank Barber Shoppers strolling the downtown

Saturday, June 30:

Phoebe Ryan & The Big Red Fish, 35 Broad St.

Two Tails, The Dublin House Courtyard

Murphy’s Six String with Piper Bos., 65 Monmouth St.

Jim McKenzie, 90 Broad St.

Brian Breen, 16 White St.

Saturday, July 7:

Don Lee, 35 Broad St.

Tri-City Jazz, 30 Monmouth St.

Bob Jacques, 69 Broad St.

Paul Pugliese, 16 White St.

Jo Wymer Trio, 65 Monmouth St.

Saturday, July 14:

Golden Seal, 16 White St.

HelenaMaria, 35 Broad St.

Tina Vero, 65 Monmouth St.

Sonni Shine, 90 Broad St.

Red Bank Barber Shoppers strolling downtown Red Bank

Saturday, July 21:

Andreach & Chreptra Jazz Duo, 35 Broad St.

Seventh Sun, The Dublin House Courtyard

Gary Philips, 69 Broad St.

Phoebe Ryan & The Big Red Fish, 16 White St.

Calvin Coolidge II, 65 Monmouth St.

Saturday, July 28 – Red Bank 53rd Annual Sidewalk Sale:

George Wirth, 35 Broad St.

Queen Tipsy, The Dublin House Courtyard

Chip Robertson, 65 Monmouth St.

Guy Gsell, 16 White St.

Caroline Cutroneo & James Brennan, 90 Broad St.

Saturday, Aug. 5:

Kathie Beddow Brower with Matt Wade,35 Broad St.

Greg Durente, 30 Monmouth St.

Brian Breen, 69 Broad St.

Cat Cosentino, 65 Monmouth St.

Jim McKenzie, 16 White St.

Saturday, Aug. 11:

Bob Jacques, 35 Broad St.

Chris McKenna, The Dublin House Courtyard

Patti Bramson & Bob Andrews, 16 Broad St.

Josh Zuckerman, 65 Broad St.

HelenaMaria, 90 Broad St.

Saturday, Aug. 18:

Andrew Holtz , 35 Broad St.

The Jo Wymer Trio, The Dublin House Courtyard

Caroline Cutroneo & James Brennan, 65 Monmouth St.

George Wirth,16 White St.

Heart of NJ Chorus strolling Downtown

Saturday, Aug. 25:

Murphy’s 6 String with Piper Bos., 90 Broad St.

Eric Ginsberg, 35 Broad St.

Don Lee,16 White St.

Golden Seal, 65 Monmouth St.

The Wag, The Dublin House Courtyard