‘We the people’ no longer matter

The city of Long Branch serves as a microcosm for our entire nation, government, economy and future.

As we watch these small-town politicians being swept away on the wings of greed; not representing their constituents, but only the big money of large corporations, we can be most assured that this is what is happening across the board.

The American people have been sold out, treated like the refuse in the polluted wakes of our oceans. We lost our democracy a long time ago, but many ordinary and good folks have been blinded by the illusion created by the marketing ability of the big businesses that mold the politicians and run the government.

“We the people” no longer matter. We now live within an oligarchy, i.e., government by the few. Now not only do the poor continue to suffer, but the middle class, the working class, innocent children and the planet itself.

While the greatest and most powerful nation on earth snatches hard-earned private property from its veterans and taxpaying citizens for personal profit of the more wealthy, turns its back on the health of its own people and children, continues to spew out emissions into the ozone, disregards the opinion of the rest of the world and rapes the planet of its natural resources, the people are deemed powerless to change it.

The saddest part is that if this cannot be overturned on the smaller scale, i.e., Long Branch, there will never be a rescue of democracy on the federal level. Greed, not oil, is the fuel that runs this nation. Open your eyes America, wake up and take back our democracy!

The Rev. Kevin Keelen