Medicare funding cut could have a big impact on senior citizens

As a senior citizen who participates in a Medi-care Advantage plan, I urge our members of Congress to continue funding the Medi-care Advantage program at the current level. I was disappointed to learn that there is discussion in Washington about making cuts to the program. Senior health programs are some of the most important programs that the federal government funds.

Senior citizens like myself who suffer from a variety of ailments such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type II diabetes should not be forced to choose between medications or basic needs such as food or heat. If Congress were to cut funding to the Medicare Advan-tage program, many seniors would be financially strapped and physically sick.

I hope that our representative, Congressman Frank Pal-lone, and his colleagues consider the drastic impact that cutting the Medicare Advantage will have on me and other senior citizens who rely on the program.

Engenisa Spektor