Mean streets to rustic villages

"Hydrant Frenzy"“Hydrant Frenzy” ‘Circles of the Heart, A Photographer’s Journey Through Time & Place” is at McKay Imaging Studio and Gallery in Red Bank.

The show of photographs by Anthony Almeida will run through July 27 at the gallery, located on the second floor of 12 Monmouth St.

Almeida, who was born in Brazil, is a fine-arts photographer, educator and photo-documentarian. For many years, he taught English and photography at a high school in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y., and now teaches at his gallery school in Bay Ridge.

His photographic work is very diverse, and he has been the recipient of numerous awards. His work has been shown in national and international shows, and is in private, personal and educational collections.

Almeida is often involved with photographic projects that are personally meaningful. One of his passions is “street photography,” and he considers the street to be “the greatest stage of all, wherein position, juxtaposition and sensitivity sometimes conspire to make the fleeting moment eternal.”

"Beyond the Surface of the Glass"“Beyond the Surface of the Glass” In an artist’s statement, Almeida says, “I have always recognized the beauty, meaning and excitement inherent in ‘everyday’ people and events.

“Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and the surrounding area, are to me a microcosm. It is somewhat paradoxical that in a community that has presumably been fractured by ethnic rivalries, inner-city ills and much suffering, the whole of the human condition may be encountered.”

A group of selected works taken in Mexico circa 1970 is included in the exhibit.

Almeida says, “I hope that … my photographic work in Crown Heights, Mexico, and my chance street encounters, will introduce my subjects, not only as individuals in the context of their diverse lives and communities but also as ambassadors of the human spirit.”

Gallery hours are Wednesday and Thursday, 1-7 p.m., or by appointment For information, call (732).842 -2272 or visit

"A study in Early Night"“A study in Early Night”