Coordinator: New meth targets young people

There is a new methamphetamine (“meth”) out on the market now that is targeting young children and teens. Meth is now being cut with an assortment of drinks and drink mixes, candies, and other materials. Authorities are calling it “designer meth.” The adding of these ingredients to meth smooths the chemically harsh taste of the drug. This makes it easier for first-time users to try.

Strawberry Quick is the latest designer meth. It is cut with a powdered strawberry drink mix to give the drug a pink coloring. The sugariness of the flavored powder makes the meth more pleasant tasting. It has a low boiling point that allows for it to easily be smoked or injected into the bloodstream as a liquid. Meth easily mixes into any water-based liquid because of its chemical properties. Therefore, it can be mixed with sodas, caffeinated drinks and high sugar energy drinks.

Strawberry Quick has been described as resembling rock candy or Pop Rocks and because of the resemblance, people are worried that young children and teens will be fooled into buying and trying the drug, thinking it is candy. Teenagers and children who have been taught that meth is bad may see this flavored version as less harmful.

Please advise your children, their friends and other students not to accept candy from strangers. They also need to be cautious in accepting candy even from friends who may have gotten it from someone else. Children and teens need to be warned of this new drug craze so they can be protected.

If you would like any alcohol or drug related information, contact the Manalapan-English-town Community Alliance for the Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Lisa Harmon Mollicone

Municipal Alliance