Letters-July 19, 2007

Put best foot

forward in campaign
To the editor:
   I believe the voters of West Amwell endorsed my candidacy in the primary election because they saw a new direction, one that sustains the rural character of this community without resorting to the failed policies of recent years.
   I have and always will be a strong advocate for farmland preservation, open space and the rural way of life. Those who say differently are totally wrong, totally in error, and completely inaccurate. I challenge them to produce real evidence to the contrary.
   West Amwell desperately needs someone who can and will look to the best interests of this community and will not be controlled by a self-appointed mayor or small groups that are more driven by self-interest than the common good.
   As the campaign begins, I pledge I will strive to have a genuine dialogue with the voters of this community. Let’s move forward together by debating the issues and, most importantly, by speaking the truth. I ask my opponent to simply put his best foot forward. I’ll do the same and let the voters decide.

Stephen Bergenfeld
West Amwell

Help raise funds

for pediatric cancer
To the editor:
   I never realized the true devastation of this word until my 17-month-old baby was diagnosed with cancerous tumors in his brain and spine.
   My son endured brain surgery, two years of chemotherapy and finished his treatment with six weeks of radiation to his brain and spine. Erik, my son, received a miracle in his healing.
   Although healed, he now endures many long-term effects from the very same treatments, which saved his life 14 years ago. We have worked for years with the American Cancer Society to raise money in support of research, but it has been our passion for many years to raise money for pediatric cancer research to save lives and find better treatment as well as to bring awareness of childhood cancer.
   Could you please help?
   We are planning an event for Sept. 8 with a rain date of Sept. 9 at the Hunterdon County Agricultural Fairgrounds. The day will begin with a motorcycle ride starting at 11 a.m. and will be followed by a celebration of life for the true heroes that suffer at the hand of pediatric cancer, which will be noon to 4 p.m.
   Admission is $20. Children under 11-18 pay $10. This includes live music, a pig roast, vendors building with crafts and leather goods, face painting, games, and more.
   We are looking for businesses in the community to help out financially with this event as co-sponsors. We are also looking for people to help in any way they can.
   There are many children in our own community that have suffered at the hand of cancer and many we have lost, never to forget. We plan on making this a yearly event to raise money for pediatric cancer and bring awareness.
   We want this event to represent New Jersey caring for the kids with cancer and doing something to make a difference.
   The motorcycle ride will begin at 11 a.m. with registration starting at 9:30.
   There are so many ways to help out with this event. Visit www.ride4erik.com.
   For information, call Susie Gherardi at (609) 773-0016 or myself at 397-8892 or e-mail Susie at [email protected] or myself at [email protected].
   Please help us make this event a success and honor these children!

Norma Zimmerman

Woman grateful

for birthday wishes
To the editor:
   I want to thank all who remembered me on the 95th birthday with cards, flowers and gifts.
   I am doing well in my new home in Florida.

Mary Radeer