MVC now accepts credit cards at agencies statewide

In 2003, with the passage of the Motor Vehicle Security and Customer Service Act, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) was established, putting an end to the long lines, inadequate customer service and general inefficiency that characterized the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

And with that name change has come a new attitude. With the Fix DMV Commission – the group that set the DMV on a course for reform – as the guiding force, the MVC has revamped many aspects of the organization and has fully committed itself to improving customer service as it strives for excellence in motor vehicle services. So far, a great deal has been accomplished.

Now, the MVC can add one more customer service amenity to the list: acceptance of credit cards at agencies and regional service centers statewide.

Accepting credit cards is just another way the MVC is working to accommodate the nearly 6.4 million licensed drivers in New Jersey. This new service is a natural and long-awaited step forward for the MVC, as the organization seeks to provide faster and more convenient services to customers.

The MVC will continue to improve for New Jersey motorists as it reaches for the goal of excellence in safety, security and service.

Sharon A. Harrington

chief administrator

New Jersey

Motor Vehicle Commission