Film on child abuse to premiere at Triumph Brewing Company

   In a country fascinated by celebrity antics, it’s little wonder that issues of child abuse, neglect, gang violence, poverty and HIV/AIDS continue to go unnoticed and underreported. An independent film, shot this summer in Trenton, is setting out to change that — and Broadway star Christine Ebersole, Tony Award-winner for "Grey Gardens," has lent her voice to help.
   mary land: the story of LifeTies is a documentary short about the impact that LifeTies, the Trenton-based nonprofit service agency, is having on the lives of children facing these critical issues. It profiles several of the children and the woman who created a world where their lives were not viewed as imminent tragedies, but impending triumphs.
   "With this film we hope to establish more of a connection between the community and the kids who are being affected by these issues," says Danielle DeRogatis-Gletow, executive producer and LifeTies’ board member. "We believe that people would pay more attention if they could see the humanity, the hope in these children. This is truly a crisis and one that is happening right here in our own communities. It’s time we all stepped up."
   The film, financed solely by private donations and sponsorships, features five stories from children in the program and includes interviews with the staff and the founder and CEO, Mary Inzana. Christine Ebersole narrates. Supporters of the film include Stark & Stark and Squeaky Wheel Media as well as LifeTies’ board members and associates.
   mary land: the story of LifeTies will premiere at Triumph Brewing Company, Princeton, on Sunday, Sept. 9. Screenings will take place from 2 to 5 p.m. Based upon her schedule, Ms. Ebersole may attend.
   The event is open to the public. Tickets are a $25 donation with 100 percent of sales going directly to LifeTies, Inc. Admission price also includes champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Raffle prizes include a $500 gift card to Hamilton Jewelers and an overnight stay at The Nassau Inn, among others. Tickets can be purchased online at
   LifeTies, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization established in 1982 that serves youth in crisis. All of its programs emphasize self-sufficiency and health care in conjunction with a commitment to prevent the ongoing, generation-to-generation dysfunctional behavioral patterns that so drastically affect the young people it serves.