District may bring back ed. foundation

RED BANK – Borough Superintendent of Schools Laura Morana said Sept. 27 that she and other school officials are trying to revive the Education Foundation.

She said the foundation had been discontinued almost six years prior and she had sent 400 letters to see if the interest was there in the community.

She said she wanted to focus the foundation to projects that would be more permanent and communityoriented.

“We’re looking at the primary school and what it can offer the community,” said Morana.

The first meeting for the reinvigorated group will take place Oct. 26 and Morana hopes the “friends of the school system” will welcome the idea and focus on work that needs to be done at the primary school at this time.

“We’re looking at what we couldn’t typically do at the primary school [within the] budget,” said Morana.

Included in the plan would be a collaboration with the Maritime Association and determining a better use of the land at the primary school.

Morana did not know how a potential project on that land would be affected by the Red Bank waterfront plan since the Primary School, located at 222 River St., borders the Navesink River.