Text messages do not belong on dais

As a teacher I do not allow text messaging in class; in tests it is considered cheating. I find it disturbing that Mayor Choi of Edison texts members of the Edison council and specific members text him back during council meetings. I expect that elected members of the council would speak and vote according to their own positions and not act as puppets of the mayor. It was understood that the council would not be a “rubber stamp.”

It is also disturbing that Mayor Choi motions with a crooked finger to members of the council as well as other members of the administration to meet with him in the room or outside while a council meeting is going on.

Are these individuals children or puppies to react immediately to the mayor’s bidding? It is insulting that members of the council go into the back room and end up in the hall outside the council chamber to have a tête-à-tête with the mayor. Where is the dignity?

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard