YMCA director thanks volunteers for all their time and effort

Irecently had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the Five Year Anniversary Celebration held on Sunday Jan. 27 recognizing the partnership between the Metuchen Edison Woodbridge YMCA and the Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County which resulted in the creation of the Community Campus on Oak Tree Road in North Edison. In the five years since the Community Campus was opened, membership has grown to over 8,000 children and adults as the combined resources of the YMCA and the JCC created this historic partnership which is the first of its kind in the United States.

I found myself reflecting upon the incredible volunteer commitment that it took to for the YMCA to join with the JCC to make this a reality. Ron Grayzel and Lucinda Florio led a successful fundraising campaign to buy the land and build our incredible YMCA facility. Maria Tomaro, Jan Grayzel, Joanne Stern, Linda Kovach, Pam Brown and Ralph and Judy Steinhardt were involved from the very beginning – from fundraising to implementation – and deserve recognition for their unconditional commitment to the project. Our staff, led by our Branch Executive Director Cindi Archambault, has made the vision a reality, and they have accomplished so much in five years.

My hat also goes off to the very dedicated staff and volunteers with the JCC who have partnered with us to create something unique and critical to the greater Edison community.

One of the questions each of us ask as work on projects to improve the quality of life for our community is “Will it matter and will it make a difference?” To everyone who has contributed, joined, and supported the creation of the Community Campus, the answer is a resounding “Yes”. It did matter, and it did make a difference. I am so proud to be associated with all those who have given so much,

William Lovett Chief Executive Officer

Metuchen Edison Woodbridge YMCA