Princeton Borough Councilman Andrew Koontz to run for freeholder

By Nick Norlen, Staff Writer
   Borough Councilman Andrew Koontz announced Sunday that he will run for Mercer County freeholder.
   Mr. Koontz joins a field of candidates seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination.
   The endorsement of the Mercer County Democratic Committee will be announced at the Mercer County Democratic Convention, which is scheduled for March 15.
   Mr. Koontz said he has been eyeing the freeholder office for some time, but it was “only in the last couple of weeks or so that I made the decision that this is the year I was going to give it a shot.”
   If elected, Mr. Koontz said, he would resign his post as a borough councilman, which he has held since he was appointed to the seat in 2004. He was elected to his second term in November.
   ”I have no desire to be a dual office holder,” he said. “I don’t think it serves either constituency well. You serve the public best by serving just one position.”
   Mr. Koontz said his campaign will focus on regional transportation, parks maintenance and emergency management.
   He will kick off his campaign Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. at the Ivy Inn at 248 Nassau St. in Princeton, where he will make his announcement speech as well as perform a few Irish and American tunes on his fiddle.