Help launch ‘Dreamlift’ in Mercer County

Catherine DiCostanzo of Sunshine Foundation-Mercer County
    We are pleased to announce that the Mercer County Chapter of the Sunshine Foundation will be conducting “Dreamlift,” Tuesday, May 6, from the NJ National Guard Army Aviation Support Facility No. 1 located at 152 Scotch Road, West Trenton.
   We plan to fill a chartered airplane with chronically and permanently handicapped children and their chaperones for a one-day fun filled, trip to Orlando, Fla. and Disney World. As you can well imagine, without this Dreamlift these children would never have the opportunity to meet Mickey Mouse and all of his friends at Walt Disney World.
   As we have done in previous years, we will have the Adopt-A-Seat program whereby an individual or organization can sponsor a youngster for this trip. For a donation of $350 you can be the proud sponsor of a youngster or chaperone who might otherwise never see this dream come true. You will be pleased to know that your donation will go toward the expenses of airfare, meals, bus transportation and admission to the Magic Kingdom. If you are not able to Adopt A Seat, any donation that you give us will be gladly accepted and used to defray the cost of a child or chaperone.
   We greatly appreciate the help that you will consider and or have extended in the past and encourage you to generously donate again this year. You are also invited to be a part of the royal sendoff at 7 a.m. as the kids leave for their day of sunshine. We guarantee that you will leave that day with memories that will last forever.
Catherine DiCostanzo
Sunsine Foundation
Mercer County Chapter
PO Box 55130