New Jersey requires power vessel boaters to have safety certificate

With the boating season in New Jersey fast approaching, it is important that all operators of power vessels and personal watercraft be made aware that the state of New Jersey requires an approved boat safety certificate for operating on New Jersey waters.

Currently, powerboat operators born in 1959 or later are required to have this certificate. As of June 1, power boat operators with birth dates occurring in 1949 or later will be required to do the same.

And, on and after June 1, 2009, all power vessel operators, regardless of their birth date, will have to be certified. Additional information can be found on the New Jersey State Police Marine Services Bureau Internet Web site at

For the issuance of a boat safety certificate in the state of New Jersey, courses are taught in a one-day session or sessions scheduled over a combination of days.

Online courses will qualify with an exam monitored by a New Jersey Marine Policeapproved proctor.

To obtain courses and teaching sources approved by the state of New Jersey, access the Boat Owners Association of the United States,, the United States Power Squadron,, or the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCGAUX),

As a representative of the U.S. Coast Guard, the USCGAUX teaches the course “About Boating Safety.”

Some of the topics covered include introduction to boating, boating law, navigation, boat safety equipment, boating problems and storing and protecting your boat.

The auxiliary is an organization comprised of volunteers who assist the Coast Guard in the safety and security of citizens, ports, waterways and coastal regions.

In particular, the promotion of safe recreational boating is one of its primary roles in support of the Coast Guard’s mission.

For all boaters, it is important to note that the state of New Jersey requires personal watercraft operators and all persons 12 years or younger (when under way on any boat) to wear a USCG-approved life jacket.

It is also mandatory that a wearable, sizeable and serviceable USCG-approved life jacket be available and readily accessible for each person on board.

To locate an “About Boating Safety” course taught by the USCGAUX in the local area, call the public education hotline at (732) 785-2618.

Jerry San Antonio

Public Affairs Officer USCGAUX Flotilla 16-07-5N

Station Manasquan Inlet