Growth could turn town into a city

Chris Wander, Cornell Trail
   I have lived in this town for 17 years, and over the years I have seen it both change and grow.
   Mostly though, I have seen it expand. Everyday it seems like, more and more people are just pouring into our once quiet town. It’s in almost every direction I look in that I see some new house being put up and, I wonder, what happened to the vast amount green acres that used to bless our town.
   I mean, sure, there are still a good amount of farms left in Hillsborough, but not nearly as many as 10 years ago. I used to be able to look out my car window and see horses and crops, and now all I see are piles of lumber and half-constructed house frames. It truly bugs me.
   The overcrowding has become especially noticeable while driving. Route 206 used to be a relatively open road, but now, on almost everyday of the week, there is traffic up and down the road. It’s hard to get into town anymore without spending an extra two minutes stuck staring at the bumper in front of you.
   I just wanted to express my concern for this town future and, while I realize that because of the increase in the global population there is almost nothing we can do about people moving in, I just pray we don’t become a city.