Marlboro relying on seniors

BY TIM MORRIS Staff Writer

Marlboro’s new baseball coach Paul Sessawelcomes the fact that he has a very large senior class as his foundation.

“Why not take advantage of it, they are good players,” he pointed out. “We have a lot of senior leadership.”

Sessa will be looking for his veterans to help turn the programaround this spring.A 4-2 win over Middletown South on Friday, the team’s first of the campaign, was a step in the right direction.

TheMustangs are going to rely on a very deep pitching staff that will allow Sessa to maintain fresh arms throughout the season no matter how backed up the schedule may become.

“What I throw ismy best rested pitcher,” said Sessa, who was the head coach at Don Bosco Prep before taking over atMarlboro. “I have eight pitchers and I will not hesitate to use any one of them.

“I’ve got confidence in all of them,” he added. “We have depth, that is our strength.”

Mike Dietrich, Kevin Castelli, Anthony DeMarco, Phil Zanardi, Cameron Nichols, Jason Taub, Chris Luban and Matt Weckerle make up the team’s rotation. Zanardi and Nichols are lefties.

Nichols picked up the win against Mid. South.

Thus far, the pitching staff has proven that it can keep the team in games.

The biggest drawback has been offense. The ‘Stangs have struggled to score early on, but Sessa believes that his offense does have potential. Hopefully, the eight-hit, four-run game against South is a harbinger of things to come.

Defensively, the Mustangs have Tony Roegiers, a returning starter, behind the plate. Taub is at first withWekerley, a sophomore, at second when not pitching. Craig Bodziner mans the hot corner at third with Jeremy Pastor, one of just two juniors in the field, at shortstop.

Jeff Pizzi is the center fielder flanked by Jason Ortiz (left) and Woody McLaughlin (right).

The signs are there for the Mustangs. They have played teams toe to toe with the only thing missing a timely hit.

“We’re headed in the right direction,” said Sessa. “We’re doing a lot of good things and the kids have a great attitude.”

Sessa expects his club to be a strong second half team.