MGA gymnasts shine

The Cyclones boys gymnastics team from Monmouth Gymnastics Academy competed at the 2008 USAG State Championships hosted by Surgents Elite, Lyndhurst. The Level 7 team won the second-place Team Award, and Level 6 captured the third-place TeamAward.

All of MGA’s Level 5-10 gymnasts will be going to the regionals.

In Level 4 all ages, Jacob Miller placed second on vault, fifth on floor and seventh on the parallel bars.

Erik Delgado placed third on vault, and Ethan Sholom was seventh on vault.

Ryan Myaskovsky, Eric Manning, Tyler Higley, Joshua Goldfarb and Michael Schwartz also competed for the team.

In Level 5, age 8, Evan Hymanson won the all-around crown (56.2) and placed first on floor, vault and high bar, third on p-bars and sixth on rings.

In age 9, Kirill Yefremenko placed fifth on rings.

In Level 6 ages 10-11, Christopher Graff won the AA (56.5). He scored a perfect 10.0 on p-bars and placed first on floor and rings, third on pommel and high bar, and seventh on vault.

In ages 8-9, Parker Adamo placed fourth in the AA (53.6), first on floor, second on pommel, fifth on p-bars, sixth on high bar, ninth on rings and 10th on vault.

T.J. Orrico placed seventh in the AA (52.6), first on p-bars, fifth on rings, seventh on floor and ninth on pommel horse.

Daniel Mizrachi and Dimitry Pressimone also competed for the team.

In Level 7 ages 10-11, Mikael Khachatryan placed third in the AA (55.45), and third on floor, rings, vault, p-bars and high bar. In ages 12+, Matthew Mannino placed second in theAA(51.6), first on floor, rings and high bar, fourth on pommel, fifth on p-bars and seventh on vault.

In Level 9, ages 12-13, Akash Modi placed fourth in the AA (74.7), third on rings, vault and p-bars, fifth on floor and ninth on high bar.