Writer takes issue with advocate for illegal immigrants

Ithink I may have changed my way of thinking after reading Lazaro Cardenas’ rebuttal about my letter to the editor (“Time for Freehold to Embrace New Reality,” News Transcript, March 19). I may even feel sorry for the hordes of illegal men, women and children that have him as their voice.

And for the record, the letter I wrote never contained words like hate, bigotry, promiscuous or pollution. I don’t need to express myself by using those words of hate like Mr. Cardenas does.

It seems to me it is his way of masking the real truth and showing his ignorance about the very serious problem we have here in Freehold Borough and many other cities in the country. I can’t believe he has the audacity or stupidity to ask me how I know they are illegal aliens; let’s put it this way: if they are not illegal aliens you would be out of a job.

Maybe you should take off your blinders and go down to the local convenience store on the broad streets of Freehold and hand out citizenship applications and try to be part of the solution and not continue being part of the problem.

Maybe you should try rallying your countrymen and countrywomen into citizenship instead of telling them it is OK to be illegal and not pay their fair share of taxes. Maybe if you were a real leader of your people and not just a mouth that roars, there may be an answer.

May I suggest that if you can’t do or say anything that is going to help the situation, maybe you should try working in your own country. This country was built on immigration from all walks of life and from the inception, we becameAmericans. What makes you or your people any different?
Dave Landry
Freehold Borough