Duo has MHS girls enjoying 12-2 year

Motherway, Brach to golf in states

By Bob Nuse, Sports Editor
   Meaghan Motherway and Paige Brach both thought this could be a big year for the Montgomery High girls’ golf team.
   They were right.
   ”I knew we only were losing one senior from last year, so I didn’t think we’d fall back,” said Motherway, a senior who along with Brach has qualified for the girls’ state tournament. “The freshmen that came in this year have really improved. In tryouts, some of them were shooting in the 70s and now they’re in the 50s, which is a great improvement.”
   The combination of Motherway and Brach at the top of the lineup, with Hillary Spohn right behind them, has given the Cougars three players who shoot in the 40s. And when a group of improving freshmen are thrown into the mix, you get a team with a 12-2 record.
   ”The girls have really improved,” Montgomery coach Jen Amberson said. “Paige has really dropped her scores and Meaghan has been consistent all year. Now we have a third player shooting in the 40s, Hillary Spohn, which is what you need. And we have five freshmen that on any given day can put up a score in the 40s. They’re freshmen and they’re not consistent yet, so they can be in the 40s or the 60s.
   ”I couldn’t ask for a better group of kids. They’ve all worked hard and they want to get better. Our original goal this year was to have three players in the 40s. We’ve done that now, so we have to make new goals for ourselves. Our goal now is to get a fourth person in the 40s.”
   Brach, whose average was a shade over 51 a year ago, has made significant improvement this year and attained her own personal goal, which was to join Motherway at the state tournament.
   ”My goal coming into the season was to make the state tournament and I did it,” Brach said. “I’ve been pretty consistent this season within a five-stroke range. My average has been right around 47 or 48 all year.
   ”I’m really excited that I got in. It’s great to be going with Meaghan. We need two players to make a team at states, so hopefully we can do well for Montgomery.”
   Motherway, who has been the Cougars’ top golfer, has also improved this year. The biggest step she has made has been with her consistency.
   ”Last year I had improved to where I was shooting in the high 40s to low 50s in most of the matches,” Motherway said. “This year I have been in the mid to low 40s most of the season. I’ve been much more consistent.”
   That’s been true of the entire Montgomery team, which has made significant strides as a program over the last couple of years.
   ”I think the freshmen have helped us a lot,” said Brach, a sophomore who began golfing while in sixth grade. “We only lost one senior from last year’s team, so I’m not really that surprised. The person who winds up being our fourth player isn’t always consistent, but whoever it is always puts up a good score.
   ”Hopefully the freshmen can keep improving and putting up low numbers.”
   Brach is like so many of the Montgomery golfers in that she has thrown herself into the sport full tilt.
   ”My dad got me started and I really liked it,” she said. “It’s a great game because there is always something to work on and I never get bored playing. I plan on playing a lot and working on my game. I’d like to be able to play in college, so I will keep working to improve my game.”
   Montgomery will play in its conference tournament later in the month. Motherway and Brach will both play in the girls’ state tournament.