Bridge project involves corruption, backroom dealings

Open letter to Sen. Frank


Ibelieve Sen. Frank Lautenberg could improve his chances greatly in the June primary if he heded the call of our citizen’s group, the Citizens for Rational Coastal Development, who have been backed up by N.J. State Sen. Sean Kean and the two Assembly people from his district, along with Sea Bright Mayor Maria Fernandes, calling for a halt to the construction of the 73-foot fixed-span bridge connecting Highlands to Sea Bright.

The project oozes with corruption and backroom dirty dealings. The majority of the people in Highlands and Sea Bright do not want this mega-bridge. We want our current historic drawbridge repaired. If this isn’t enough, we believe that the NJDOT knowingly destroyed a national landmark dock to start construction of the bridge and no one will take responsibility.

Rep. Rush Holt has called us, Rep. Frank Pallone has contacted Kris Kolluri (commissioner) at the NJDOT … but the project has not stopped. The NJDOT made a public announcement that they will start the destruction of this historic drawbridge June 21. We need a halt to this.

Mayor Fernandes has been in Sen. Lautenberg’s office, when are you going to take action? Will you all wait for the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office to make more arrests while they dismantle parts of the bridge to the point of no return?

I thought democracy was a government for the people, by the people. This bridge fiasco is more like government for the government – forget the people! Please take affirmative action before it is too late.

Shirley Olman