Volunteers help make ‘Baby Bundles’ a hit

On May 16, many volunteers spanning a wide variety of ages, talents and knowledge came together to celebrate the completion of yet another successful “Baby Bundles” program at the Manalapan Senior Center.

The June 4 “Baby Bundles” article in the News Transcript did not individually name the senior volunteer knitters and crocheters who have worked so hard and are a key element to the success of our program.

We are so proud of our senior volunteers at the Manalapan Senior Center for all that they do throughout the year and they are: Millie Dos Santos, Elizabeth Hedin, Pal Houghton, Evelyn Brevda, Fran Calabria, Dorothy Czajowski, Ann Ernesto, Joan Holmstrom, Ann Pesce, Helen Peters, Jeanie Pisano, Phyllis Green, Gloria Suydam, Carmella Testa, Concetta Emilio and Estelle Van Oostrom.

I would also like to express gratitude to independent Girl Scouts Michelle Bogolub and Jessica O’Brien, as they, too, have worked tirelessly every year on this project.

Frances Raniere, our secretary at the Manalapan Senior Center, does a tremendous amount of work in helping me to coordinate this program and for that I am forever grateful.

Without the input from all of these individuals, “Baby Bundles” would not be the shining star program that it is.
Elaine McNamara
Manalapan Senior Center