Let Marlboro pupils share English lessons with Freehold youngsters

As explained in the article “Pupils’ Spanish Lessons Get Practical Application” (News Transcript, June 18), the Acelero Head Start program is designed to assist non-English speaking 3- to 5-year-olds with learning basic preschool knowledge skills in a full immersion English language environment.

This process is believed to have the children better prepared for public preschool and kindergarten. I believe that why our tax dollars are funding

this program and the English a Second Language programs our public schools.

If the goal is to have the children speaking, reading and recognizing English, why would Marlboro Middle School students present Spanish stories to the children? Only the Marlboro students benefited from this endeavor.

There is a sizable amount of money being spent on educating our non-English speaking student population, however, it appears to be a senseless effort.

When the children only hear Spanish at home and when the school sends paperwork home in Spanish and delivers Spanish messages by phone, the process of learning English is prolonged and promotes wasteful spending.

I hope the Marlboro Middle

School students will visit the school again, only with English stories that the children can enjoy and learn from.
Maria Chaffer
Freehold Borough