Bridge is coming down as a political payoff

As far as most of the residents of Sea Bright and Highland are concerned, a public flogging would be too light a penalty for Kris Kolluri and the DOT.

The amount of lying they have done about the bridge is mountainous!

As one who spends every day looking at the bridge and driving over it, I as well as everyone else can testify that the bridge does not break down many times a summer as Kolluri would have you believe. And would not break down at all if the DOT had done proper maintenance as they should have. Traffic is a mess now that have started construction but normally the traffic on the bridge is light except on hot Saturdays in July and August when the money takers at the park can not move fast enough or else when they close Sandy Hook and turn people around. The DOT lies to the press all the time. When under oath, they had to admit that the bridge as it was, was not, I repeat not unsafe. In fact, it has a commendable safety record.

This bridge is coming down as a political payoff and is being done with no consideration for the towns involved. It is my hope that the townspeople will spend time and energy getting rid of Kris Kolluri and our governor if he remains unresponsive.

The dolphins, by the way, have been upset by the noise from the bridge and have moved further down the river; that is not good. The construction has to shut down so they will swim under the bridge and out to sea.
Jean Kingman
Sea Bright