Candidates should address pressing issues

Congratulations to the Republicans and Democrats in Freehold Township for deciding to run a “green” campaign. No offense, but I believe what voters want is for the campaign to be “clean” and the topics to be “green.”

How about a promise of no mud-slinging, no dirty laundry, no typical back room politics.

Instead, why don’t the candidates tell the voters how they are going to make Freehold Township green, with renewable energy sources for our schools, parks and municipal offices?

How about changing our police cars, school buses and municipal trucks to biodiesel fuels?

Tell us how you are going to make getting around the township more fuel-efficient instead of sitting at red lights and in the increasing traffic jams from the overbuilding of commercial establishments. Seriously, how many banks does Freehold need?

Finally and most important, tell us how you are going to control the spiraling pension costs of township employees that is forcing many residents to move to “greener” pastures.
Joseph Mercurio
Freehold Township