Stricter oversight was needed by FRHSD Board of Education

Ijust finished reading your Web site article (“Doctorate Degrees Subject of Two Investigations”) about the meeting that occurred on July 28 at the Freehold Regional High School District and I feel that something should be mentioned. I, unfortunately, was not able to attend, but heard from my neighbors who were present.

The subject in question were the doctorate degrees obtained by “Doctor” James Wasser and two other district employees from an unaccredited, supposed degreemill, school in the South. I know this is currently under investigation, but a few things are blaringly obvious to me.

When the subject was initially brought to the Board of Education (as it must have been to allow for tuition reimbursements by the district), the board had an obligation to immediately reject this “school” as being unacceptable for this course of study.

There are no excuses in not doing due diligence on this. It would happen in private business, why not here?

The agenda for the meeting included the hiring of new teachers. Their names and subjects were listed alongside the institution each of them attended. I found it laughable that this was done at all because these were all accredited schools. These new employees had to answer to a higher authority, but who does the higher authority answer to?

Finally, what ethics are we showing the students? Students are severely reprimanded for cheating of any kind, but, apparently, the board does not think it necessary to do so for its own.

Of course, by allowing this in the first place, the board members have to reprimand themselves as well. They cite “Doctor” Wasser’s past accomplishments and say they “stick by him.” An honor student caught cheating leniency.

It is the board’s responsibility to ensure that district monies are not wasted. They have not done so. I suggest that all salary increases thus allowed and any other promotions or benefits should immediately be taken away and that these additional salaries/payments be reimbursed to the district.

Pending the results of the investigation, these can be reinstated (if they are exonerated) or additional monies, such as tuition reimbursements, might also need to be reimbursed to the district.

Finally, if they are ultimately found in the wrong, perhaps they should all be summarily dismissed. It would happen in private business – it should happen here. And we thought only the Abbott districts were having issues …
Barry Hochberg