If Gov. Corzine really wants to help, let him cut taxes and waste

Icould not believe my ears when I heard certain people call our governor courageous for his debt-restructuring plans.

Is it courageous to threaten our children with closing state parks? Is it courageous to threaten New Jersey drivers with astronomical increases in tolls and gas taxes when families are struggling to survive?

Meanwhile, his friends like Sharpe James are robbing us blind. There is so much corruption and waste in this state it is sickening. If Gov. Jon Corzine truly wanted to help the people of New Jersey, he would cut taxes.

Maybe people like this don’t realize that this state has so many people holding multiple jobs with multiple pensions and no-show jobs.

They are convicted of stealing our money and they still get a full pension and medical coverage. How do our politicians have the nerve to say there is nowhere to cut spending?

The state will spend millions on parks for dogs and free needles for drug addicts, but I can’t save money for my children’s college education because of ridiculously high taxes. It’s insane.

The only answer is to cut the waste. Don’t punish families more than you have already. People and businesses (which means jobs) are moving out of this state in droves because of the highest taxes in the nation. Most cannot afford to retire here. The 49 other states can budget better and offer more services.

“King Corzine” is completely out of touch. He is so rich he has no idea what it is like to survive on a budget. He’ll just take more from the working people.

How will shrinking our paychecks help our families? It won’t. If he wants to help us, he should cut taxes, but he won’t.

We need to vote him out, and we need to vote out everyone else who has voted for more taxes. The rest of the country thinks we are crazy for putting up with these inept and corrupt politicians, but we keep voting them back into office. Let’s hope the voters use their power to help New Jersey residents.

It seems most people agree with me. As I drive up and down the New Jersey Turnpike with my “Impeach Corzine” sticker, I get nothing but thumbs up. I know there is also a movement to recall the governor. Sign up today. We all need to do something.
Tom Robertson
Monroe Township