Teachers do not deserve criticism for what they are paid

The News Transcript seems to have become the whipping person for teachers and their union — letters to the editor and Managing Editor Mark Rosman’s column of July 23 (“A Trip to Old Brazil”).

So far as teachers’ starting salaries being “too high” — too high in comparison to whom? A starting engineer, lawyer, etc. fresh out of school commands much more.

And what’s with this “no work experience.” All education majors (while in college) student teach — some in the same district that hires them.

The bottom line for teacher bashing is that upwards of 70 percent or more of our real estate taxes goes to pay for schools. Some taxpayers believe that because of this they are the employers of the teachers and resent their salary and wage increases.

However, they don’t go around demeaning all the other municipal employees — police, road department workers, etc. and the overtime that many of them get.

Get real, people — it costs a lot of money to educate our youth.

One can only wonder how many of the complainers would even be able to survive in a classroom with upwards of 30 students with varying backgrounds, abilities, interests and attention spans.
David Gross