Zipprich, Lewis have deep roots in Red Bank community

November is just around the corner and Red Bank will once again be voting for several new town council members. While I have no real qualms with any of the current or former town council men and women, I have noticed that quite a few have either resigned or moved out of Red Bank entirely soon after pledging their dedication to the town of Red Bank. Their reasons are not limited to, but include, seeking lower taxes for themselves and higher political office. While these reasons are understandable, I can’t help but notice two dedicated town council candidates who actually want to live in Red Bank!

I’m sure you’ve noticed this year’s progressiveDemocratic candidates Ed Zipprich and Juanita Lewis? I’ve seen them in action and they are truly committed to the town and people of Red Bank. In recent weeks, Ed Zipprich, a member of the Red Bank Historic Preservation Commission, secured a grant for the town that provides free consultation from a professional planner with assistance in maintaining Red Bank’s historical element of the town’s master plan. This saves taxpayers money and keeps the historic fabric from being demolished.

How else can I show you that Zipprich and Lewis are committed to our community? While Juanita serves as vice president of the school board, both Ed and Juanita sit on the education and planning boards without pay. They volunteered to help reconstitute the Red Bank Borough Education Foundation and they are active in the community at all levels. Ed worked tirelessly and selflessly on the centennial Red Bank just celebrated and Juanita is involved with the Family Resource Center as an advisor and board member.

Ed and Juanita have proven track records in community service. Zipprich and Lewis are both solutions-oriented business professionals committed to a more viable Red Bank. They are dedicated to their community. They’re visible, concerned about residents, our environment and the local economy.

I’m voting for Ed Zipprich and Juanita Lewis. They’re not afraid of work and they have deep roots in the Red Bank community.
David J. Pascale
Red Bank