Arc urges boycott of film poking fun at disabled

In their effort to create edge-ofthe line humor for maximum audience interest, Dreamworks and Paramount Pictures have definitely crossed the line into offensiveness. They insist that the big summer movie “Tropic Thunder” is making fun of the “stop at nothing” attitude of actors and the entire filmmaking industry. What they refuse to see is that the parody of a person with an intellectual disability and use of words such as “retard” and “imbecile” is insulting, perpetuates stereotypes, and encourages a culture of denigration and intolerance against people with disabilities.

The movie, which was released Aug. 13, is filled with denigrating references to people with intellectual disabilities, the use of the words “retard” and “moron,” and visual images which parody the look, speech and behavior of people with disabilities.

The Arc of New Jersey is calling on the public to boycott the movie and to make their feelings known to Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks Entertainment, and the actors and writers of the film by letters and emails.

In this day and age, it is inconceivable how someone could think that denigrating parodies of people with intellectual disabilities and constant use of the word “retard” could be funny. This language fosters discrimination and an atmosphere of hate and intolerance. We cannot let it go unchallenged.
Thomas Baffuto
Executive Director
The Arc of New Jersey
North Brunswick