Administrators must set a high ethical bar for district

Iwas pleased to read that (Freehold Regional High School District Superintendent of Schools) Dr. James Wasser and staff are interested in advancing their academic credentials by receiving advanced degrees. What deeply disturbs me is that there is no vetting process in place to ensure the validity of these diplomas.

In the private sector, an employee is required to submit the college and coursework in advance for consideration of tuition reimbursement. The college must be accredited and the course work must be applicable to the job requirements. If the college is not accredited, the application will be denied.

We are not in a position to determine if the course work was applicable or if it is not. We are in a position to reasonably believe that Dr. Wasser and staff should be raising the moral and ethical bar for his students and colleagues, not lowering it. If they cannot set a positive example for the students, they should resign for the greater good.
Christopher Alviggi